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Blockchain – From Prototypes to Commercialization
By Girish R

From innovation labs to big banks to consortiums, we witnessed a number of research efforts in understanding blockchain…
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Should you do an ROI for cloud migration?
By Steve K

I like to define the Cloud = Infrastructure + Apps + Data + Risk (Reduction) …
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Understanding BitCoin – Layman’s version
By Sumit S

Evolution of Money (a.k.a exchanging goods and services) Barter System – > Gold Standard -> Fiat Currency (Current System) -> Digital Currency (Bitcoin) Excited …
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Using SCRUM as a flexible holistic approach for team growth and project success
By Garima G

The Scrum formalization works great for any complex, innovative scope of work with its framework being deceptively simple and easy to adopt. It has gained importance in the IT industry…
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Agile in the Space-Time Continuum (Distributed Agile)!
By Brad P

Agile teams are often distributed over space and time. SpiderLogic is an extreme example with 11.5 hours separating the two India offices from the two US offices. We are able to successfully address this challenge by focusing on communications and a sense of team…
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Microservices and Azure!
By Sudarshan B

Microservices is a buzz word in the software development world in recent days. Many companies want to architect/refactor their application to use microservices. Along with microservices, the cloud is another buzz word in the software development world. In this article, we will see the options to write microservices in Microsoft Azure (cloud)…
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Automate and improve the code-test-deploy process with Docker, Git & Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk!
By Abhay S

This post is about how you can automate the iterative process of code-test-deploy by using Docker, Git and Amazon Elastic Beanstalk based on our experience on a project which involved building self-contained micro-services…
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Why should I split my stories!
By Rachana D

Breaking a large story based on all its variations and complexities will allow your Product Owner to prioritize the most valuable variation either based…
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A new world of Serverless Applications!
By Himanshu T

Serverless architecture is a new paradigm, and once the developer toolset and frameworks mature around it, we would be witnessing an exciting new world…
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Shift Up! Let’s run the next test cycle from the cloud!
By Ameya N

In essence, We need to Reduce Testing cycle time, Increase quality and deliver continuously…
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Case for being the Polyglot programmer
By: Abhay S

Have you ever come across anyone who claims to be a polyglot programmer? And have you wondered what exactly does it mean?…
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Un-noticed side of Dead Letter Queue 
By: Sanjeev S

Service Bus queues and topic subscriptions provide a secondary sub-queue, called a dead-letter queue (DLQ). The dead-letter queue does not need to be explicitly…
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Azure: Design for failure (Why?) 
By: Sudarshan B

When applications are moved to the Cloud (in this case to Azure), people get perception that their applications are highly available and up all the time… 
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