Getting the Right Things Right

Why do technology projects fail?

Every industry relies on technology to support scale and growth. But you need to understand the risks of growth to ensure success in your next enterprise technology upgrade.

SpiderLogic can help you understand and mitigate risk in your enterprise technology effort by protecting your financial and emotional investment, aligning expectations and having a clear definition of success.

There are six types of risk for every technology investment. The following categories of risk are starting points for your organization to begin discussions to ensure project success when all is said and done.

1. Expectation Risk: Are we all looking at the same things?

2. Acceptance Risk: What could prevent us from leveraging this investment?

3. Resource Risk: Have we accounted for the total investment require for success?

4. Alignment Risk: What could prevent us from achieving the value we expect?

5. Execution Risk: Are we getting things done effectively and efficiently?

6. Solution Risk: Will this solution deliver on its potential?

Understanding and controlling the balance between risk and reward is fundamental to a successful enterprise technology initiative. Mitigating and managing the six most common risks is well within your control and will be imperative to protecting your organization’s sizable financial investment.