At Spider, we have developed a culture of learning and sharing which goes along with our Agile methodology.  As with Agile, we learn and adapt each sprint at a time.  In the same line of thinking- we share our learnings across projects and change our approach and ways of working.  We accept that we all don’t know everything and there is something to learn from everyone and each of our experiences. We engage and encourage sharing and learning across people, teams, and geographies (spider has offices in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Pune, and Bangalore!)

We have guilds that focus on specific competency: Project Management, Business Analysis, Architecture & Development, DevOps, and Quality Assurance. These guilds foster higher quality deliverables for our clients by focusing on certain skillsets and workshops to refine its member’s skills.

Another way we promote learning is by attending software conferences (Microsoft Build, Agile Alliance, JavaOne, NGConf, etc.) and share the experience with others by presenting at our regularly scheduled internal brownbag lunch & learn sessions.

Considering the project-based nature of our business it’s inevitable for associates to find themselves between projects/ billable time.  We are fortunate to be working at a firm that believes in maintaining a bench as they realize the value in investing in its people and having a strong foundation to draw from for its clients.  As an employee, this policy reminds me that I’m supported. It makes me feel valued. And it motivates me to learn, grow, and give my best to the firm

How does your organization support your learning?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.