Microservices & Azure

Microservices & Azure

Microservices is a buzz word in the software development world in recent days. Many companies want to architect/refactor their application to use microservices. Along with microservices, the cloud is another buzz word in the software development world. In this article, we will see the options to write microservices in Microsoft Azure (cloud).

Before we start looking into the Azure options for microservices, let’s look at the definition of Microservices.

Microservices is a software architecture style in which complex applications are composed of small, independent processes communicating with each other using language-agnostic APIs. These services are small building blocks, highly decoupled and focused on doing a small task, facilitating a modular approach to system-building

So, microservices is a pattern of writing/architecting your applications. It’s not a tool or software. You can use any tool or language of your choice to write microservices.

Here is difference between traditional way of writing software and microservices way of writing software


Here are few Microservices Benefits:

  • Breaking down big monolithic approach into a constituent path
  • Implementing bits/functionality into its own self-content service
  • Allows us to iterate and move faster
  • You can scale different parts of your application depending on the needs of the application

Microservices in Azure

If you search for Microservices and Azure (in any search engine), then most search results will show you only one option: Azure Service Fabric. It looks like Azure marketing is giving special attention to Service Fabric J. Even though Azure Service Fabric is a framework for building microservices application and its proven platform, it is NOT the only option to build microservices using Microsoft Azure.

Here are other options which you can utilize/consider while writing microservices applications in Azure:

PaaS (Platform as a Service) options

  • Azure API App
  • Azure Mobile App

Server-less options

  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Azure Functions


  • Azure Container Services like Docker

You can use a combination of any of above-mentioned services (including Service Fabric) to write microservices in Azure!