Business Intelligence

Planned, tested, and deployed for maximum cost-saving and timesaving efficiencies.

Leading With Strategy

The data-rich environments in today’s businesses can be overwhelming, undervalued, or altogether underutilized. Transforming large amounts of raw data into meaningful and useful information requires more than just great technology. It also demands a strong supporting strategy.

SpiderLogic puts strategy squarely behind business intelligence (BI) initiatives. We apply sound business analysis to help translate business issues into effective solutions. Our exceptional end-to-end services can help you monitor your business, visualize information, and make better decisions that lead to better performance.

We first help formulate an effective BI strategy that includes identifying the key performance indicators that can contribute to your success. We then iterate rapidly to build the solution that support of those measures. The implementation of your technology solution is well planned, tested, and deployed for maximum cost-saving and time saving efficiency.

By providing valuable hands-on training, we further help users master the BI solution. And with our ongoing support over the long run, we ensure you continue to leverage your business intelligence effectively.

Agile Intelligence: Faster, Better, More Powerful

Traditional implementation projects can be long, drawn-out processes that demand significant upfront discovery time. They often take months to deploy and require an enormous investment in money and people, well before a business is able to actually analyze the business.

In contrast, SpiderLogic delivers “agile business intelligence.” We give a timely relevant data analysis for the fast answers you need to take action now. At the core of our tech solutions is QlikView®. QlikView® provides fast, powerful, visual in-memory business analysis, without the limitations, cost, or complexity of traditional BI tools. It can be deployed in days, not months, and its intuitive design allows users to be trained in minutes. Simple to use, it will empower your organization, putting the power of analysis in the hands of your business users without additional analysis help from IT resources.

Intelligence For Every Industry

Every industry has data, and any company can benefit greatly by gaining accurate visibility into its data to improve decision making. SpiderLogic delivers exceptional BI strategy and performance management to help uncover and act on the right opportunities for your business. Get the ability to quickly analyze up-to-date information to make the right decisions now.

  • Receive business intelligence quickly without the expense of creating data warehouse giving you greater “time to value”
  • Clear, concise, meaningful reports, scorecards, and dashboards to allow for faster, better, more informed decisions
  • Extend power of analysis to end users for strategy-driven decisions
  • Boost business performance by reducing information clutter

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