SpiderLogic can help you transform your enterprise IT strategy to meet the growing demands of a modern workforce.

Why Mobile?

Can you even imagine a world without smart phones and tablets? Mobile device sales have now surpassed shipments of traditional PCs (desk and notebook).

Mobile technologies have ignited a revolution in IT that puts User Experience at the forefront of application development, raising expectations on usability and access to data and applications that would have been unheard just a few years ago.

Connect Everywhere

Mobile devices provide your business with always on, everywhere access to data and enterprise applications giving you a powerful delivery channel for your software assets. Mobile is leading the way to the consumerization of IT and gives users on demand access to critical applications and business intelligence to run your business.

User eXperience Matters

Our experience: SpiderLogic has been a pioneer in developing mobile applications from the early days of Palm OS and Windows CE to today’s sophisticated mobile platforms. Our team leverages a broad range of experiences to deliver applications on all major systems including:

  • iOS-iPhone, iPad
  • Android-phone, tablet
  • Windows-phone, tablet
  • Mobile Web
  • HTML5

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